Deaths Reported in The New South Newspaper, 8 August 1863

This is a list of all the colored troops who died in hospitals at Beaufort and Port Royal, South Carolina between 1st July and 4th August, 1863.


Callyhill Charlton Co. I, 54th Mass July 23rd wounds
Joseph Johnson Co. I, 54th Mass July 26th wounds
Salm Geddis servant 48th NY July 26th wounds
C. K. Reason Co. E, 54th Mass July 27th wounds
M. Gilman Co. D, 54th Mass July 27th wounds
E. Franklin Co. G, 54th Mass July 31st wounds
J. Bancroft Co. A, 54th Mass July 29th wounds
Isaac Brisbane Co. I, 1st SC July 29th wounds


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