Deputy Surveyors, Alabama

Deputy Surveyors of the North East part of the Mississippi Territory, 1817-1818.

SurveyorSworn In
John S. Doxey26 April 1817
John Donelson, Jr.26 April 1817
William Donelson26 April 1817
Charles Bright6 May 1817
William B. Jones6 May 1817
Hunter Peel6 May 1817
James Blakemore6 May 1817
Henry M. Johnson7 May 1817
Samuel Bell7 May 1817
James Bright7 May 1817
Benjamin Clements7 May 1817
Isham G. Learcy7 May 1817
Benjamin Harris7 May 1817
William P. Anderson7 May 1817
William J. Adair8 May 1817
Ralph Graves8 May 1817
Leroy May8 May 1817
Daniel Gilchrist8 May 1817
Robert M. Combs8 May 1817
Constant Hardeman8 May 1817
James W. Exum9 May 1817
James W. Hoggatt9 May 1817
James Vaulx9 May 1817
James H. Weakley9 May 1817
William R. Peyton9 May 1817
Thomas J. Hardeman9 May 1817
David Mitchell10 May 1817
Robert Harris10 May 1817
Moses Woodfin11 May 1817
Alexander M Culloch11 May 1817
David Hubbard11 May 1817
William Harris12 May 1817
John Hutchings14 May 1817
Ferdinand Lannoner21 May 1817
Richard McMahon23 May 1817
George Peery23 May 1817
Samuel Stull26 May 1817
Henry Minor26 May 1817
Thomas L. Butler30 May 1817
William B. G. Killingworth2 June 1817
John Bryan2 June 1817
Benjamin T. Smith8 June 1817
Greene K. Hubbard4 August 1817
Hardy Clements10 March 1818

Deputy Surveyors of the North East part of the Alabama Territory, 1818.

SurveyorSworn In
William L. Willeforce25 March 1818
Sugars M. Lamore25 March 1818
James Mitchell25 March 1818
John P. McCutchan7 April 1818
Thomas Hutchings15 April 1818
Jeremiah Doxy, Jr.16 April 1818
Simpson Harris28 April 1818
John McGrigor3 May 1818
William Lawrence13 June 1818
Alexander Ewing7 July 1818
John C. Coffin10 July 1818

Deputy Surveyors of the North East part of the Alabama Territory, 1832.

SurveyorSworn In
James M. Drake27 January 1832
William J. Mason27 February 1832
Benjamin Harris17 March 1832
Lewis Tucker20 March 1832
Robert D. Harris20 March 1832
John C. Harris20 March 1832
Richard S. Coffee21 March 1832
Volney Peel21 March 1832
William Weakley24 March 1832
Thomas T. Hayes12 April 1832
Eli S. Thornton14 May 1832
Ruffin Coleman5 June 1832
William Edmondson5 June 1832
Jesse B. Clements9 June 1832
Benjamin Clements9 June 1832
LeRoy May11 June 1832
Washington T. May11 June 1832
George W. Higgins11 June 1832
Elijah Hansbrough11 June 1832
William M. Marr14 June 1832
Henry Minor, Jr.14 June 1832
Jefferson Peel15 June 1832
Washington Allen16 June 1832
James Woodruff16 June 1832
Andrew J. Crawford19 June 1832
Wallace Estill19 June 1832
John S. Doxey30 June 1832
John N. LeGrand26 June 1832
John Ralston26 June 1832
Almarin R. Williford2 July 1832
Benjamin C. Lansdale2 July 1832
William B. Fant5 July 1832
John Howard5 July 1832
Urban J. Whitehead5 July 1832
Alexander N. Culloch7 July 1832
Olsimes Kindrick9 July 1832
James E. Mathews9 July 1832
John H. Brodnax9 July 1832
John D. Broadford13 July 1832
Samuel Craig16 July 1832
James W. Drake16 July 1832
David C. Mitchell16 July 1832
William B.G. Killingsworth20 July 1832
William Weakley20 July 1832
Calvin Henderson21 July 1832
Robert D. Harris30 August 1832
Andrew J. Edmondson31 August 1832
Thomas J. Coffee10 September 1832
John Chisholm10 September 1832
Richard S. Coffee10 September 1832
Jonathan Cunningham10 September 1832
Volney Peel10 September 1832
William B. Vinson10 September 1832
Herndon Lee Henderson11 September 1832
Benjamin Harris12 September 1832
William Harris12 September 1832
Albert McGrigor13 September 1832
John C. Harris14 September 1832
Peter Le Grand14 September 1832
Ephraim B. M Lean14 September 1832
Lewis Tucker14 September 1832
Isaac Rutledge20 November 1832

Letters and Surveying Contracts Received by the General Land Office from the Surveyor General for Alabama 1817-1832, (National Archives Microfilm Publication M1325, roll 1), Records of the General Land Office, Record Group 49, National Archives Building, Washington, DC.

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