Census of Jamaica

St. David's Parish

Nicholas Alexander760
Robert Avery30
Thomas Bend80
Edmund Bates49
John Burton150
John Banfield60
John Campion90
Cornelius Cole90
Henry Cole30
William Davis150
Thomas Evans and Mate160
George Elkin and Petty563
Edward Elliot and Pearse80
Francis Fouracers160
Lieut.-Col. Robert Freeman1338.75
Col. Thomas Freeman440
Edward Fox90
Thomas Fargar345
Richard Gwinnell140
Morgan George30
Thomas Griffin15
Matthew Halpin60
John Harris60
Thomas Harry120
George Hooke90
Henry Henderson30
John Hobby and Alexander82
John Hobby126
George Hunt45
John Hutchins30
Samuel Hancock60
John James and Mate70
Edward Jackson30
Peter Jacob30
John Gerrard and Jourden30
John Lamstead30
Major Richard Lloyd1370
Major Lloyd and Burton294
Bryan Mascall, and Sylvester54
Matthew Oliver30
Luke Phillips150
Henry Poores40
John Price140
Francis Powell17
Richard Pearce and Elliott90
Matthew Price60
William Powell30
Robert Puncher60
William Ring70.5
William Rives, Esq.210
Walter Roles40
Richard Richardson, Esq.1034
Richard Richardson and Mate      152
Edward Reid30
Thomas Reid150
James Rogers30
Clement Richardson50
Thomas Ransdon130
Robert Stubbs and Mate66
Jacob Stokes640
Jacob Stokes and Smith 
William Sheldrake35
Benjamin Smith60
Robert Smith374
Major John Saunderson44
Thomas Swaine60
John Terry58
Jenkin Thomas18.5
Charles Thomas30
Robert Thompson30
Stephen Valley55
Thomas Whittle60
William Wolfe30
Henry Winkes and Mate65
James Wallis30
Robert Woddard60
William Witch30
John Wilson and William Parker      30
John White and Elkins30
John Wimble and Seamore152
In this parish are 80 families
And by estimate 960 people

Sainsbury, W. Noel, ed., Calender of State Papers, Colonial Series (Volume 7), America and West Indies, 1669-1674, Preserved in Her Majesty's Public Record Office (Vaduz: Kraus Reprint Ltd., 1964) First Published London: HMSO, 1889. pp. 98-104.



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