English Denization Records, 1690

2 January 1690

Warrant for letters of denization to the following French Protestants:

John Menard, clerk; Lewisa, his wife; Mary, Susannah and Peter, their children

Anna Gendraut

Elias De Bonrepos; Esther, his wife; Elias, Alexander, Anna, and Marguarita, their children

Mathew Herbert; Elizabeth, his wife; Mathew, James and John, their children

Mathew Renaudet; Carola, his wife; Carola, Mathew, and Isaiah, their children

Peter Goujeon; Esther, his wife; Nicholas and Isaac, their children

Anthony Beraud

Lewis Guionneau

Samuel Boutet; Samuel Adam, James, Peter, and John, his children

Claudius Bruyers

Sebastian Poitevin

Andrew Jaquad; Magdalen, his wife; John, their son

Peter Bigot; Magdalen, his wife; Peter and Magdalen, their children

Timothy Archenbeau

Stephen la Jaille

John Moller

Thomas Oulry

James Testarde; Catharina, his wife; James and Anthony, their children

William Barbut

Hilary Reneu

Daniel David

Esther Carlat and Catharina, her daughter

Michael Hubert and Claudina, his wife

Isaac Bossis

Charles Moreau

Peter Hogelot

Peter Hugues

Lewis Testefolle

Samuel Paquet

John Roux

Isaac Bedoe

John Pineau

John Dry

Francis Beuzelin

Paul Boucher

Lewis Boucher

Francis Fornier

Abraham de Fouquemberges

Pascal Gaultier

John Girard; Anna, his wife; and Ann, their daughter

David Barrau

Arnaud Parquot

Elias Neau

Andrew Pasquinet and Peter, his son

John Machet; Peter and John, his children

Nicholas Jamain and Jane, his wife

Martin de Carbonel

Anthonie Marie de la Croze

David Preux

Peter and Marguerita Pasquereau

Paul Lorrain

James Gastigny

Francis Bauldouin and Anna, his wife

Stephen Roussell; Thomas and Stephen, his children

Moses Moreau

Peter L'Hommedieu

William le Conte

John Simeon

John Pelser

Peter Jay; Gabriel, John and david, his children

Davierre Bauldouin and Mary, his wife

Stephen Monginot; Catharina, his wife; Stephen, Paul and James, their children

James Reynaud

Gabriel Thomas Marboeuf and Thomas, his son

Peter Simon

Theodore de Maimbourg

Catharina Laurent

Magdalen Chenevix

Lewis Seigneuret

Hardy, William John, ed., Calender of State Papers, Domestic Series, of the Reign of William and Mary, 13th Feb. 1689-April 1690, Preserved in the Public Record Office, Volume 1, (Vaduz: Kraus Reprint Ltd., 1969) First Published London: HMSO, 1895. pp. 391-392.

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