Commissioners of the Lieutenancy for the City of London, 1690

9 March 1690

Commissions appointing the following persons lieutenants of the City of London:

Sir John Chapman, Knight, Mayor of London

Sir William Aleyn, Bart.

Sir John Lawrence

Sir William Turner

Sir Robert Clayton

Sir Patience Ward

Sir William Pritchard

Sir Henry Tulse

Sir Robert Jeffery

Sir Henry Pollexfen, Attorney-General

Sir George Treby, Solicitor General

Thomas Pilkington, Esq., Recorder of London

Sir Jonathan Raymond

Sir Thomas Stampe

Sir Samuel Dashwood

Sir Benjamin Thoroughgood

Sir William Ashurst

Christopher Lethieullier, Esq.

Sir Thomas Lane

Sir Humphrey Edwin

Sir John Fleet

Sir Banjamin Newland

Sir Thomas Fowle

Sir John Matthews

Sir Henry Ashurst, Bart.

Sir John Lethieuller

Sir Peter Vandeputt

Sir William Russell

Sir Jeremy Sambrooke

Sir William Hedges

Sir John Mordant, Bart.

Sir Gabriel Roberts

William Love

Thomas Papillon

Joseph Herne

Thomas Frederick

John Birch

William Kiffen

John Gardiner

Charles Chamberlain

Edward Underhill

George Sitwell

Thomas Western

John Jolliffe

Charles Thorold

John Crispe

Richard Onslow

John Smith

Nathaniel Tench

Francis Chamberlain

John Hammond

James Hudson

Thomas Langham

Peter Houblon

John Maurice

James Houblon

Leonard Robinson

William Jarret

John Houblon

Daniel Mercer

Francis Child

Andrew Kenrick

John Flavell

Robert Whittingham

William Warren

John Railey

Francis Gosfright

William Scawen

Michael Godfrey

John Roach

John Johnson

Samuel Powell

Joseph Bowles

John Cox, in the ward of Bridge

Abraham Wessell

Walter Coventry

James Denew

Thomas Cooke, goldsmith

Joseph Scriven

Daniel Allen

Ralph Grange

Robert Raworth

Francis Moore

Thomas Shaw

John Cooke, in the ward of Bassieshaw

William Hawker

James Bodington

Edward Clarke

Henry Hatley

Richard Bristow

Lawrence Dyer

Edward Harrison

Obadiah Sedwick

William Walker

John Adams

Jeremy Whitlock

Richard Peirce

Edmond Bolter

Hardy, William John, ed., Calender of State Papers, Domestic Series, of the Reign of William and Mary, 13th Feb. 1689-April 1690, Preserved in the Public Record Office, Volume 1, (Vaduz: Kraus Reprint Ltd., 1969) First Published London: HMSO, 1895. pp. 501-502.

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