Roman Catholic Officers, 1693

23 January 1693

A list of such Roman Catholic Officers as have been taken up by virtue of the late General Order, dated the 17th day of December, 1692.


Capt. Arthur French

Capt. Harvey Morris

Ltn. Lepland

Capt. James Nettervill

Capt. Patrick Everard

Capt. Edmund Sally

Major Brien Kelly

Capt. James Clarke

Capt. John Moore

Cornet John Walsh

Capt. Edmund Kelly

Capt. William Condron

Col. Francis Nangle

Col. Eustace

Capt. Patrick Mandevil

Capt. Butler

Ltn. Silvester Bores

Major Hugh Ryley

Ltn. Patrick Lynch

Capt. Roath

Capt. Foulk Comerford

Capt. Simon Archbold

Ltn. Terence Farrell

Col. Bellew

Col. Henry Oxbrough

Major Walter Delamere

Ltn. Col. John Talbot

Col. Walter Butler

Col. Walsh

Capt. Darby Ryan

Capt. D'Arcy

Ltn. John Croghan

Ensign Thomas Floodgate

Capt. Milther Levallin

Ltn. Francis Matthews

Capt. Richard Purcell

Capt. Theobald Butler

Quatermaster Richard Lock

Ltn. John Byrn

Col. Maurice Fitz Gerald

Capt. Fitz Gerald . . . Knight of Kerry

Capt. Edward Fitz Harris

Capt. Thomas Russell

Capt. Walter Nugent

Ltn. Walter Smith

Ltn. Peter Bay

Capt. Michael Fleminge

Capt. Thomas Reade

Col. Talbot of Belgard

Ltn. Col. James Butler

Capt. John Fury

Capt. Pallas

Capt. George Dowdall

Capt. Barnewall

Ltn. Col. Tuit

Capt. Luke Dowdall

Capt. William Russell

Capt. Christopher Pippard

Capt. Mark Baggot

Capt. John Carberry

Ltn. George Walsh

Capt. Daniel Woods

Ltn. Andrew Phelan

Ltn. Ryley

Capt. Patrick Bellew

Ltn. Bellew

Ensign John Dowdall

Capt. Patrick Usher

Lord Meath's Liberty

Capt. Patrick McMahon

Capt. Tirlan

Capt. Courtney

Queen's County

Col. Lawrence Byrne

Ltn. Thomas Haring

Capt. Sir Gregory Byrne


Col. Lord Dillon

Ltn. Col. Thomas Dillon

Ltn. Col. Theobald Dillon

Ltn. Col. Christopher Dillon

Capt. Andrew O'Connor

Capt. Brian O'Connor

Capt. James Plunket

King's County

Capt. Edward Gernon

Capt. Paul Briscoe

Capt. Hanagan

Ensign Arthur Hanagan

Quarter Master Roger O'Connor

Capt. Marcus Geoghegan

Cornet Garret Burne

Quarter Master William Fitz Gerald

Capt. John Dowdall

Capt. Edward O'Donnelan

Ensign Charles Dempsy

Ensign Brian O'Connor

Capt. Morgan O'Connor

Cornet Michael Gibbon

Ltn. Barnaby Laffin

Capt. Morrice Birmingham

Capt. Charles Geoghegan

Capt. Owen uin

Capt. Morgan Bryan

Capt. Toby Birmingham

Capt. Pierce Nugent

Capt. Patrick Kennedy

Capt. John Connor

Ltn. Barnewall

Ltn. Lawrence Lynan

Ltn. Peter Sheile


Col. Toby Matthew

Capt. James Brian

Capt. John Rowlan

Ltn. James Shee

Ltn. Robert Murphey

Ensign St. Leger

Capt. Gaffney


Capt. McClenahan

Ensign O'Neile

Ensign O'Hagarty

Major Edward McCommy

Capt. O'Neile

Capt. Coremick McCromay

Capt. Dugon

Capt. Con O'Neile


Capt. Garret Moore

Col. John Brown

Ltn. Col. Terence McDonogh

Capt. Josias Browne

Capt. Thomas Browne

Capt. John Garvey

Capt. Anthony Garvey

Capt. Jos. Lynch

Capt. Walter Brown

Capt. William Brabazon

Capt. Miles FitzMorris

Capt. John Moore

Capt. Owen Gallagher

Capt. Terence McDonnell

Capt. James McDonnell

Capt. John Browne

Capt. Farragh McDonnell

Capt. Charles Molloy

Capt. Miles Bourk

Capt. Owen O'Malley

Capt. Dominick Browne

Capt. P. Lynch

Capt. Francis Darey

Capt. Jeffry French

Ltn. Edmund FitzMorris

Ltn. Francis Garvey

Ltn. O'Hara

Cornet John Swiney

Cornet Henry Dillon

Ensign John FitzMorris



Capt. Edmund Butler

Major Anthony Morris

Ltn. Edmund Morris

Ensign Tho. Cleary

Capt. Constaine Connor

Ltn. William Meagher

Philip Fogarty

Capt. John Meagher

Capt. O'Meagher

Ensign Teege Hogan

Ensign John Ryan

Ltn. Edmund Hegan

Capt. Philip Ddwyer

Ensign Michael Ryan

Capt. John Magrath

Ensign John Egan

Capt. John Carroll

Ltn. Fergus Deane

Ltn. Hogan of Killodargung

Ltn. William Hogan

Ensign Andrew Kennedy

Ltn. John Grady

Ensign William Moyley

Ltn. John Ryan

Ltn. John Creagh

Capt. Butler of Banshea

Capt. Butler of Doracloghin

Capt. Butler of Kilmatohir

Taken up

Capt. John Kennedy

Capt. Edmund Dalton

Capt. William Bourke

Ltn. Robert Vriel

Ltn. John Ryan

Ltn. John Creagh

Ensign William Moylan

Ltn. David Lavallin

Capt. Bryan O'Bryan

Capt. Mortogh O'Brien

Ltn. Brien Meagher


Capt. John Dillon

Ltn. Edward Enons

Ensign James FitzGerald

Capt. Cornels Coonan

Capt. Pierce Archbold

Ltn. James Archbold

Capt. Richard Archbold

Capt. Lawrence FitzGerald

Lt. Gerald FitzGerald

Ensign James FitzGerald

Ltn. Michael Wyer

Cornet Ferdinand Hickey

Capt. James Wall

Ltn. Pierce Caulfeild

Capt. Alexander Eustace

Dublin County

Lord Kingsland

Ltn. Col. John Talbot

Capt. Christopher Barnwall

Capt. Nicholas Birmingham

Capt. John Cowan

Ltn. Gilbert Berryes

Capt. Kelly

Ltn. William FitzWilliam

Ensign Thomas Wade

Ensign Thomas St. Lawrence

Capt. Richard Eustace

Capt. William Nottingham

Capt. Thomas Down

Ltn. George Foster

Quartermaster Patrick Lawless

Capt. Nicholas Harrold

Ltn. John Purcell

Ltn. Thos. Chamberlin

Capt. Edmund FitzGerald

Ltn. Robert Lutterrell

Hardy, William John, ed., Calender of State Papers, Domestic Series, of the Reign of William and Mary, 1693, Preserved in the Public Record Office, Volume 4, (Vaduz: Kraus Reprint Ltd., 1969) First Published London: HMSO, 1903. pp. 15-18.

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