Propagation of the Gospel in New England

17 May 1661

Order of the King in Council. Appointing the Lord Chancellor, Lord Treasurer, Lord Privy Seal, Duke of Albemarle, Duke of Ormond, the Lord Chamberlain, Earl of Anglesea, Viscount Saye and Sele, Lord Hollis, Lord Cornwallis, Sir Edw. Nicholas, and Sir Wm. Morrice, Secretaries of State, a Committee touching the settlement of the Government of New England; to meet at Worcester House on Tuesday next, for the purpose of framing letter, proclamations, or orders for the King's signature, and from time to time as they shall appoint. Directions to the Attorney-General to insert in the charter for Popagation of the Gospel in New England, which ha has been instructed to prepare, the following names, which were this day approved at the board, viz.:-

To be added:-

Lord Chancellor

Lord Treasurer

Lord Privy Seal

Duke of Albermarle

Lord Steward

Lord Chamberlain

Earl of Anglesea

Lord. Visc. Saye and Sele

Members of the Corporation of New England now in being:-

Alderman Francis Warner

Erasmus Smith, Esq.

Henry Ashurst, Treasurer

Richard Hutchinson

Joshua Woolnough

George Clarke

Thomas Speed

Thomas Bell

John Rolfe, Gentn.

Names of New Members

Robt. Boyle, Esq.

Sir Wm. Thompson, Knt.

Sir Wm. Bateman, Knt.

Sir Anty. Bateman, Knt.

Sir Theop. Bydolfe, Knt.

Sir Lawr. Bromfield, Knt.

Alderman Tempest Milner

Alderman William Love

Alderman William Peake

Tho. Foley, Esq.

Dr. Thomas Cox

Dr. John Micklethwait

Dr. Trench

Dr. Charles Doyley

Deputy Tho. Staynes

Deputy John Juryan

Deputy Wm. Antrobus

John Bathurst

Harman Sheafe

Thomas Gillibrand

James Hayes

John Benbow

Lawrence Brinsley

Barnabas Meares

John Acrod

John Dockett, Gent.

Edw. Biscowen, Mercht.

Martin Noell, Gent.

7 February 1662

Patent of the incorporation of the Company for Propagation of the Gospel in New England and the parts adjacent in America.

Edward Earl of Clarendon, Lord Chancellor of England

Thomas Earl of Southampton, Lord High Treasurer of England

John Lord Robartes, Lord Privy Seal

George Duke of Albermarle

James Duke of Ormond

Edward Earl of Manchester, Lord Chamberlain of the Household

Arthur Earl of Anglesey

William Viscount Say and Sele

Francis Warner, Alderman of London

Erasmus Smith, Esq., citizen of London

Henry Ashurst, citizen of London

Richard Hutchinson, citizen of London

Joshua Woolnough, citizen of London

George Clarke, citizen of London

Thomas Speed, citizen of London

Thomas Bell, citizen of London

John Rolfe, citizen of London

Robert Boyle, Esq.

Sir William Thompson, Knt.

Sir William Bateman, Knt.

Sir Anthony Bateman, Knt.

Sir Theophilus Biddolfe, Knt.

Sir Lawrence Bromfield, Knt.

Tempest Milner, Alderman of London

William Love, Alderman of London

William Peake, Alderman of London

Thomas Foly, Doctor in Physicke

Thomas Cox, Doctor in Physicke

John Micklethwaite, Doctor in Physicke

Edmund Trench, Doctor in Physicke

Charles Doyley, citizen of London

Thomas Staynes, citizen of London

John Jurian, citizen of London

William Antrobus, citizen of London

John Bathurst, citizen of London

Harman Sheafe, citizen of London

Thomas Gillibrand, citizen of London

James Hayes, citizen of London

John Benbowe, citizen of London

Lawrence Brinsley, citizen of London

Barnabas Meares, citizen of London

John Acrod, citizen of London

John Dockett, citizen of London

Edward Boscowen, citizen of London

Martin Noell, citizen of London

Sainsbury, W. Noel, ed., Calender of State Papers, Colonial Series (Volume 5), America and West Indies, 1661-1668, Preserved in Her Majesty's Public Record Office (Vaduz: Kraus Reprint Ltd., 1964) First Published London: HMSO, 1880. pp. 30-31, 71-72.

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