Glossary of Terms

The study of Genealogy demands that a person become familiar with the precise terminology of other professions and ages, as well as the terminology of genealogy itself.

Whether one comes upon an unfamiliar phrase in an ancestor's will, in a published genealogy or in a research report from Genealogy Quest, we offer the following glossaries for easy reference.

Abbreviations - A list of common abbreviations used in genealogy.

Diseases - A list of by-gone and technical medical terms such as one might find on a death certificate, military medical record or published sources.

Epidemics - While not a glossary as such, this list of known epidemics that swept areas of the United States makes a handy reference when seeking out individuals whom disappear suddenly and seemingly without trace.

Latin - Here we include useful words and phrases for latin, the language of the church and the law, a very useful reference when working in older records for the first time.

Occupations - The names of many occupations and professions have altered through the years, this list attempts to bridge the gap for modern researchers.

Terminology - This is a generic list of terms encountered in a variety of genealogical areas.


A glossary of English Surnames can be found in the book:
Dictionary of English Surnames

Click here for a dictionary of historical terminology:
Where Queen Elizabeth Slept & What the Butler Saw: Historical Terms from the Sixteenth Century to the Present



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