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At Genealogy Quest we have been building family trees and providing top quality free genealogy research on the internet for over ten years. Our aim is to help you find your ancestors.

Please feel free to come in and look around. All of our genealogy collections are free.

Use our growing Genealogy Collections to add ancestors to your family tree. New files are added weekly and in order to make room a few of the older ones have been moved. They are still accessible, just in a different folder. The index pages have been updated as each file is moved, so if you should find yourself following a link to a moved page, simply check the index to search for your ancestors or locate the moved file. Remember to update your bookmarks too.

Our online genealogy glossaries are free for you to use and include definitions of many terms from old time medicine and occupations to Latin and abbreviations - a "must have" research aid for any genealogist working on their family tree.

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