Boxer Rebellion 1900-1901


Boatswain's Mate Thomas, McCalla's detachment

Gunner's Mate Benson, McCalla's detachment

Apprentice Breman, McCalla's detachment

Landsman Severson, McCalla's detachment

Pvt Harry Fisher (aka Franklin J. Phillips), Peking on 16 July 1900. Medal of Honor.

Cpl James Francis Lannigan, aged 32, enlisted at Brooklyn, 26 August 1899. Next of kin, Mrs Arthur Noble, 1322 Rochester Ave., Boston

Pvt James K. Miller, aged 28, enlisted at Phliadelphia, 14 December 1898. Next of kin, Miss Margaret Miller, 617 Light St., Baltimore

Pvt John Hunter, aged 25, enlisted at League Island, 14 June 1896

Pvt Edward T. Provelsal, aged 25, enlisted at Boston, 4 May 1899. Next of kin, Isadore Provelsal, Windsor Mills, Canada

Pvt W. H. Nichols, aged 24, enlisted at Mare Island, California, 15 November 1898. Next of kin, William H. Nichols, Folsom, California

Pvt Martin H. Morris, aged 21, enlisted at New York, 16 November 1899. Next of kin, Mrs. E. Morris, Westbury, Long Island

Capt. Austin R. Davis

Sgt C. J. Kollock

Cpl Thomas Kelly

Pvt J. E. McConkey

Pvt I. W. Partridge

Charlie L. Organ, Co M, 14th Inf. dysentery at Tien-Tsin Hospital, 4 August 1900

Joseph L. Fritsch, Co M, 14th Inf. gunshot wounds at Tien-Tsin Hospital, 4 August 1900

Paschal Y. Smith, Co M, 14th Inf. gunshot. 7 August 1900

James Rice, Co K, 14th Inf. 7 August 1900

John H. Hurst, Co H, 14th Inf. 8 August 1900

Archie J. Ranney, Co G, 14th Inf. 8 August 1900

Lafer J. Alley, Co K, 14th Inf. 9 August 1900

Joseph Ouellette, Co M, 14th Inf. 10 August 1900

Robert Horan, Co E, 14th Inf. 13 August 1900

Charles Frederick Insolation, Co M, 9th Inf. 16 August 1900

Claude Smith, Co G, 14th Inf. killed by sharpshooters while foraging at Matow, 16 August 1900

George C. Kaufmann, Co E, 14th Inf. died in Peking from wounds received in action, 16 August 1900

Pvt William Brayton, Co C, 9th Inf. died of dysentery, 19 August 1900

Clinton W. Graham, Co I, 14th Inf. shrapnel wounds, 20 August 1900

Denis Shea, Co M, 9th Inf. dysentery, 20 August 1900

Ezekiel E. Hale, Co B, 9th Inf. dysentery, 21 August 1900

Pvt Tilet M. Armstrong, Co M, 14th Inf. effects of shrapnel wound, 24 August 1900


1st Lt Henry Leonard, seriously

Cpl J. A. McDonald, seriously

Pvt J. J. Kelleher, seriously

Pvt C. D. Miller, seriously

Pvt C. J. Mathews, seriously

Pvt John Stokes, seriously

Pvt J. Van Horne, seriously

Capt Charles G. Long

Capt William B. Lemley

1st Lt Smedley D. Butler, 14 August 1900

1st Sgt James Murphy

Sgt F. T. Winters

Cpl Joseph W. Hunt

Pvt W. S. Chapman

Pvt James Cooney

Pvt Roderick Desmond

Pvt F. G. Egelser

Pvt James J. Larvin

Pvt Laurin L. Larrson

Pvt George E. McIver

Pvt J. C. Megonegal

Pvt A. B. Penney

Pvt H. A. Rickers

Alfred Evans, Co E, 14th Inf. serious head wound at Yang-Tsun, 6 August 1900

Charles A. Rodgers, Co K, 14th Inf. serious shoulder wound at Yang-Tsun, 6 August 1900

2d Lt William H. Waldron, 9th Inf. slight head wound

Capt John Myers

Asst Surgeon Lippitt



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