Deaths Reported in The New South Newspaper, 15 November 1862

John Delaney Pvt Co. F, 76th Penn Vols November 8th chronic diarrhea
George Reynolds 1st Sgt Co. H, 47th Penn Vols November 8th wounds
William Soby Pvt Co. C, 7th Conn Vols November 8th wounds
John Blake Capt Co. C, 9th Maine Vols November 9th
Henry Welsh Pvt Co. H, 3rd RI Vols November 9th
W. C. Thomas Pvt Co. G, 7th Conn Vols November 9th wounds
Gottleib Feisel Pvt Co. K, 47th Penn Vols November 9th wounds
John B. Kimball Pvt Co. F, 3rd NH Vols November 10th typhoid fever
John Coffey Pvt Co. K, 55th Penn Vols November 10th wounds
Henry Heckathorn Pvt Co. A, 76th Penn Vols November 10th chronic diarrhea
M. H. King Pvt Co. I, 3rd NH Vols November 11th sore throat
Bruce Baldwin Pvt Co. F, 6th Conn Vols November 11th wounds
David C. Hayes Sgt Co. A, 3rd NH Vols November 12th wounds
Joseph Miller Pvt Co. K, NY Vol Eng November 12th congestive fever
William S. Boone Cpl Co. G, 55th Penn November 12th wounds
George McNeal Pvt Co. A, NY Vol Eng November 11th congestive fever
James Smith Pvt Co. C, 3rd NH Vols November 13th typhoid fever
Sketchley Morton Ltn Co. I, 97th Penn Vols November 12th
William Wood Pvt Co. I, NY Vol Eng November 13th
Nathan George Pvt Co. B, 47th Penn Vols November 13th wounds
Frederick A. Gould civilian Express Office November 13th



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