Deaths Reported in The New South Newspaper, 18 April 1863

Conrad Cramer Pvt Co. F, 98th NY Vols April 11th chronic diarrhea
Benj. Guyton civilian Co. D, 62nd OH Vols April 6th chronic diarrhea
Jno. B. Gourly civilian Co. C, 56th NY April 3rd asthma
James McCormick Pvt Co. C, 81st NY April 8th typhoid fever
U. S. Stelgert Pvt Co. C, 176th PA Vols April 4th typhoid fever
Mifflin Slegal Pvt Co. I, 174th PA Vols April 13th typhoid fever
John Kelly Pvt Co. K, 47th NY April 14th
Chas. G. Hall Cpl Co. C, 3rd NH April 10th apoplexy
Abram Ferguson Pvt Co. B, 81st NY Vols April 14th chronic diarrhea
Jeremiah Mills civilian 11th Maine Vols April 15th chronic diarrhea
John Denmark Pvt Co. B, 115th NY Vols April 15th lung fever
Ferdinand Martin Pvt Co. D, 97th PA Vols April 15th consumption
Levi Dasher Pvt Co. C, 76th PA Vols April 16th chronic diarrhea
John T. Bates Asst Surgeon 11th Maine Vols April 11th typhoid fever



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