Deaths Reported in The New South Newspaper, 3 October 1863

Elias KuhnPvtCo. K, NY VolsOctober 1stanasarca
Abram DeroycivilianCo. K, 56th NY VolsSeptember 30thchronic diarrhea
Roswell KenersoncivilianCo. I, 7th NH VolsSeptember 27thchronic diarrhea
Martin Thornton PvtCo. H, 3rd RI ArtSeptember 26thremittent fever
Erastus KnoxcivilianCo. I, 7th NH VolsSeptember 24thchronic diarrhea
John Pendergrastcivilianfrom QMDSeptember 26thchronic diarrhea
Jeremiah BlaisdellPvtCo. A, 8th Maine October 2ndtyphoid fever
Chas BrownPvtCo. E, 4th NHSeptember 25thdysentery
David GordonCo. C, 4th NHSeptember 26thdysentery
Oliver CrosbyPvtCo. E, 24th Masschronic diarrhea
C. H. StockbridgePvt 7th NH September 25thchronic diarrhea
John PricePvt Co. E, 7th NHSeptember 25thchronic diarrhea
Adam FairshawPvtCo. B, 2nd SCSeptember 25thdropsy
A. PhippsPvtCo. K, 97th PennSeptember 25thchronic diarrhea
W. S. JohnsonPvtCo. I, 4th NHSeptember 27thdysentery
H. LockwoodPvt Co. I, 10th ConnSeptember 27thchronic diarrhea
H. Mack PvtCo. H, 2nd SCSeptember 27thchronic diarrhea
John W. SluePvtCo. D, 7th NHSeptember 26thchronic diarrhea
S. ClarkSgtCo. A, NYV EngSeptember 23rdgun shot wounds
J. RobinsonPvtCo. K, 3rd NHSeptember 23rdgun shot wounds
Stephen FreelPvtCo. A, 62nd OHSeptember 23rdtyphoid fever
Isaac FintonPvtCo. I, 24th MassSeptember 22ndchronic diarrhea
Paige R. SmithPvtCo. D, 7th NHSeptember 22nddysentery
April LewisPvtCo. B, 2nd SC VolsSeptember 22ndcongestive fever
Henry StewardSgtCo. E, 54th MassSeptember 28thchronic diarrhea
Thomas QuigleyPvtCo. B, 3rd NY ArtSeptember 29thchronic dysentery
Oval ChoppellPvtCo. E, 97th PennSeptember 29thchronic dysentery
Thos PagePvtCo. A, 100th NYSeptember 29thdiarrhea
Jacob HoffmanPvtCo. B, NYV EngSeptember 29thwounds
R. CourtneyPvtCo. C, 54th MassSeptember 29thdysentery
R. ChristPvtCo. B, 109th OhioSeptember 18thapoplexy
W. S. DeLongPvtCo. B, 142nd NYSeptember 14thchronic heart disease
G. W. Dwinnell Co. B, 40th MassSeptember 14thchronic diarrhea
A. BranotCo. A, 144th NYSeptember 16thdysentery
Wm NeffCo. D, 144th NYSeptember 16thmeasles



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