Deaths Reported in The New South Newspaper, 4 October 1862

Lawrence Barrow PvtCo. I, 47th NY VolsSeptember 11th
George Sweetner PvtCo. B, 7th NH VolsSeptember 12th
Charles B. KimballPvtCo. K, 7th NH VolsSeptember 15th
Patrick Burns PvtCo. G, 7th NH VolsSeptember 14th
Henry Oliver PvtCo. I, 7th NH VolsSeptember 15th
Horace Benton PvtCo. K, 7th NH VolsSeptember 15th
Wm. E. Lock PvtCo. A, 76th Penn VolsSeptember 16th
Charles Stearns PvtCo. H, 7th NH VolsSeptember 16th
Thos. L. Rich PvtCo. A, 3rd NH VolsSeptember 17th
Morris Winn PvtCo. B, 7th NH VolsSeptember 18th
Henry L. Brown PvtCo. K, 48th NY VolsSeptember 15th
F. J. Brenton PvtCo. G, 7th Conn VolsSeptember 18th
George Bryan PvtCo. E, 47th NY VolsSeptember 18th
George Green PvtCo. G, 97th PennSeptember 20th typhoid fever
James McKee SgtCo. F, 47th NYSeptember 19th acute dysentery
Wm. Potter PvtCo. B, 76th PennSeptember 21st dysentery
John Duffy PvtCo. C, 3rd NHSeptember 21st dysentery
E. Peters PvtCo. I, 76th PennSeptember 21st dysentery



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