Deaths Reported in The New South Newspaper, 6 November 1863

Alexander MonroePvtCo. K, 115th NY VolsOctober 10thchronic diarrhea
Milton GreenfieldCo. F, 97th Penn VolsOctober 11thchronic diarrhea
Albert Spaulding civilianCo. C, 4th NH VolsOctober 16thchronic diarrhea
Robert McKinstryCo. C, 1st US ArtOctober 17thchronic diarrhea
Isadore HaglecivilianCo. C, 67th OH VolsOctober 22ndchronic diarrhea
John DoyalCpl Co. G, 97th Penn VolsOctober 25thchronic diarrhea
Jacob KerrcivilianCo. F, 97th Penn VolsOctober 27thchronic diarrhea
David H. BirneySgtCo. B, 97th Penn VolsOctober 29thchronic diarrhea
Edwin R. FishPvtCo. B, 3rd NY Art'yNovember 3rdchronic diarrhea
John McElroycivilianQM's DeptNovember 4thtyphoid fever



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