Philippine Insurrection Casualty Report, 4 December 1899

General Otis reported the following casualties:


Clarence Bonepart, Co K, 24th Inf. drowned, Rio Grande, 27 October
Thomas B. Pall, Co E, 27th Inf. acute dysentery, 26 November
Dewane Goodrich, artificer, 9th Inf. 28 November
Cpl Lewis W. Mohun, Co L, 9th Inf. 29 November
Richard H. Corbett, 26th Inf. gunshot in action, 27 November
Sgt Harry Hiscock, Co H, 26th Inf. 24 November
James E. Rooney, Co A, 29th Inf. 25 November
John C. Wetherby, Co E, 4th Inf. 29 November
Roy Storrs, Co L, 3rd Inf. typhoid fever, 29 November
John H. Williams, Co F, 6th Art'y. uraemia, 30 November
James M. Hart, Co A, 9th Inf. chronic diarrhea, 30 November
Fay Foster, Co D, 9th Inf. 1 December



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