Resigning Officers, 1836

Statement showing the number of captains and subalterns of the army who have tendered their resignations during the year 1836.

Captain A. TalcottCorps of engineers21 September
Captain R. P. ParrottOrdnance31 October
Captain D. Hunter1st dragoons4 July
Captain C. Dimmock1st artillery30 September
Captain T. C. Legate2nd artillery31 December
Captains F. Ansart3rd artillery31 August
Captain C. M. Thruston3rd artillery31 August
Captain C. Ward4th artillery31 August
Captain H. A. Thompson4th artillery15 October
Captain Wm. M. Boyce1st infantry14 November
Captain I. Dean3rd infantry15 November
Captain W. Martin4th infantry23 September
Captain P. Hunt5th infantry31 October
Captain J. M. Baxley5th infantry1 April
Captain W. E. Cruger5th infantry31 October
Captain Z. C. Palmer6th infantry31 December
Captain H. Smith6th infantry16 November
Captain J. Rogers6th infantry31 July
Captain N. Tillinghast7th infantry31 July
1st Ltn T. S. BrownCorps of engineers31 October
1st Ltn L. P. Lupton1st dragoons31 March
1st Ltn F. M. Noland1st dragoons1 March
1st Ltn J. W. Shaumburg1st dragoons31 July
1st Ltn G. P. Kingsbury1st dragoons15 October
1st Ltn J. McClellan1st artillery19 November
1st Ltn E. French1st artillery3 May
1st Ltn J. W. Barry1st artillery30 November
1st Ltn H. W. Fitzhugh2nd artillery28 June
1st Ltn F. L. Daney2nd artillery11 September
1st Ltn J. L. Locke2nd artillery16 August
1st Ltn A. A. Humphreys2nd artillery30 September
1st Ltn G. W. Ward2nd artillery31 December
1st Ltn R. P. Smith2nd artillery31 December
1st Ltn F. N. Barbarin3rd artillery16 September
1st Ltn E. B. White3rd artillery13 August
1st Ltn W. R. McKee3rd artillery15 September
1st Ltn H. Bliss4th artillery10 June
1st Ltn A. Beckley4th artillery24 October
1st Ltn W. F. Hopkins4th artillery30 June
1st Ltn T. J. Cram4th artillery16 September
1st Ltn M. C. Ewing4th artillery15 August
1st Ltn J. Burnes4th artillery31 July
1st Ltn T. B. W. Stockton1st infantry30 November
1st Ltn J. K. Greenough1st infantry17 December
1st Ltn Wm. Bloodgood2nd infantry31 December
1st Ltn R. W. Colcock3rd infantry1 April
1st Ltn F. D. Newcomb4th infantry30 September
1st Ltn T. Paige4th infantry16 March
1st Ltn S. R. Alston4th infantry31 January
1st Ltn W. Hood4th infantry7 August
1st Ltn J. M. Berrien5th infantry31 December
1st Ltn A. J. Center5th infantry31 December
1st Ltn W. W. Mather7th infantry31 August
1st Ltn G. W. Cass7th infantry23 October
2nd Ltn W. H. C. BartlettCorps of engineers20 April
2nd Ltn R. ParkCorps of engineers30 September
2nd Ltn A. M. Lea1st dragoons31 May
2nd Ltn L. Tilghman1st dragoons30 September
2nd Ltn G. W. Turner1st artillery30 June
2nd Ltn W. H. Pettes1st artillery11 September
2nd Ltn L. Sitgreaves1st artillery31 August
2nd Ltn F. H. Smith1st artillery1 May
2nd Ltn T. A. Morris1st artillery13 April
2nd Ltn R. T. P. Allen1st artillery31 July
2nd Ltn A. V. Brumby1st artillery30 June
2nd Ltn M. Churchill1st artillery19 November
2nd Ltn A. P. Crittenden1st artillery30 September
2nd Ltn W. B. Burnett2nd artillery31 July
2nd Ltn W. T. Stockton2nd artillery31 May
2nd Ltn C. J. Whiting2nd artillery31 May
2nd Ltn G. M. Legate2nd artillery1 April
2nd Ltn D. P. Dewitt2nd artillery31 October
2nd Ltn F. Vinton3rd artillery31 August
2nd Ltn J. H. Allen3rd artillery30 June
2nd Ltn G. G. Meade3rd artillery26 October
2nd Ltn W. B. Wallace3rd artillery30 September
2nd Ltn T. J. Lee4th artillery31 August
2nd Ltn W. H. Emory4th artillery30 September
2nd Ltn B. S. Ewell4th artillery30 September
2nd Ltn A. Brush4th artillery28 July
2nd Ltn J. L. Davis4th artillery11 September
2nd Ltn W. B. Arwin4th artillery30 November
2nd Ltn J. Wood1st infantry17 December
2nd Ltn J. H. Leavenworth2nd infantry31 October
2nd Ltn J. Brown2nd infantry31 July
2nd Ltn C. H. Fry3rd infantry31 October
2nd Ltn J. T. Collinsworth5th infantry31 July
2nd Ltn H. P. Vancleve5th infantry11 September
2nd Ltn T. Stockton5th infantry31 October
2nd Ltn T. F. Drayton6th infantry15 August
Brevet 2nd Ltn R. KingCorps of engineers     30 September
Brevet 2nd Ltn J. H. Martindale1st dragoons10 March
Brevet 2nd Ltn H. C. Morehead     1st dragoons30 September
Brevet 2nd Ltn A. B. Lansing1st artillery30 September
Brevet 2nd Ltn M. Blair2nd artillery20 May
Brevet 2nd Ltn R. M. Renick4th artillery30 April
Brevet 2nd Ltn W. H. Price1st infantry31 August
Brevet 2nd Ltn G. W. Shaw1st infantry31 October
Brevet 2nd Ltn R. S. Smith2nd infantry19 October
Brevet 2nd Ltn J. W. Scott2nd infantry15 March
Brevet 2nd Ltn H. McLeod3rd infantry30 June
Brevet 2nd Ltn A. Campbell6th infantry30 September
Brevet 2nd Ltn T. P. Cheffelle7th infantry30 September

List of Officers of the Army Employed Upon Duty Which Separated them from their Regiments or Corps During the Year 1836, American State Papers: Military Affairs 7:119.

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