US Army and Navy Deaths and Liberated Prisoners of War,
12 October 1945

Washington, D. C., Oct. 12 -- The army and navy made public new casualty lists today. The report includes the names of navy dead and safe and army dead and liberated prisoners of war. Next of kin have been kept informed of any changes of status of casualties that may have occurred since this list was compiled, the army and navy said.

Listed here are the soldiers, sailors and marines from Illinois.

Army Dead: Pacific Regions

NameNext of KinAddress of Record
TSgt Harry W. ClarkFather, Edward W. ClarkLa Grange, IL

Army Dead: European Regions

NameNext of KinAddress of Record
Cpl Roman P. BolociuchMother, Mrs. Mary Bolociuch3915 S. Gunderson Ave., Berwyn, IL
Sgt Elliot B. NordhemWife, Mrs. Natalie E. Nordhem5234 N. Ashland Ave., Chicago, IL
2d Lt Charles A. RathMother, Mrs. Frances K. Rath6340 N. Natoma Ave., Chicago, IL
Pvt Norbert M. SchramMother, Mrs. Celia Schram2333 N. Oakley Ave., Chicago, IL
Pfc Robert E. SwartAunt, Mrs. Florence M. Juno5309 N. Glenwood Ave., Chicago, IL

Army Liberated from Japanese Prisoner of War Camps

NameNext of KinAddress of Record
Pfc Harold C. BeckerMother, Mrs. Adeline Becker622 S. 11th, Maywood, IL
Pfc Theodore J. DarbyFather, Paul C. Darby5326 S. Keeler Ave., Chicago, IL
Sgt Gerald D. FoleySister, Mrs. George Hester518 N. Reed St., Joliet, IL
SSgt Stanley SobieskiUncle, Michael Alkimowicz4804 S. Lafin St., Chicago, IL
Pvt Ralph R. ShafferMother, Mrs. Ellen Shaffer1605 N. Lawndale Ave., Chicago, IL
Sgt Ray J. VandenbrouckeFather, Joseph Vandenbroucke818 S. 9th Ave., Maywood, IL
Pfc Leo M. WagnerFather, Leo Wagner326 Ravine Ave., Waukegan, IL
Pvt Ernest G. TaylorFather, Clarence TaylorRockford, IL

Navy Safe: Previously reported missing

NameNext of KinAddress of Record
signalman 3c Clarence George Witzig Jr., U. S. N. R.Parents. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence John Witzig Sr.Peoria, IL

Navy Safe: Previously reported prisoner of war

NameNext of KinAddress of Record
Pfc Elroy Lawrence Bennison, U. S. M. C.Mother, Mrs. Marie Greenebaum4801 Winthrop Ave., Chicago, IL
Pvt Joseph Thomas Chudzik, U. S. M. C.Father, Mr. Thomas Chudzik4551 S. Albany, IL
Sgt Victor Frank Ciarrachi, U. S. M. C.Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Primo CiarrachiElmhurst, IL
Pfc Wilbur Edward Ditewig, U. S. M. C.Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony W. Ditewig4228 N. Ridgeway Ave., Chicago, IL
Cpl George Hirschkamp, U. S. M. C.Parents, Mr. and Mrs. August Hirschkamp3201 Clinton Ave., Berwyn, IL
Pvt Paul Edward Key, U. S. M. C.Parents Mr. and Mrs. Edward Key407 S. Trumbull Ave., Chicago, IL
Pfc Leonard Stanley Kozlowski, U. S. M. C. R.Mother, Mrs. Mary Kozlowski320 154th Pl., Calumet City, IL
Pvt John Joseph O'Connell, U. S. M. C.Aunt, Mrs. Mary Jane Deitach
Cpl Christian Oelberg Sr., U. S. M. C.Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Christian Oelberg Sr.4930 W. St., Chicago, IL
aviation machinist's mate 3c Walter Lloyd Harris, U. S. N.Mother, Mrs. Ida Mae Longanecker401 Davison St., Joliet, IL
pltoon Sgt John Joseph O'Shea, U. S. M. C.Wife, Mrs. Lillian O'Shea4221 S. Wells St., Chicago, IL
Pfc Leslie Sedenberg, U. S. M. C.Sister, Miss Helen Sedenberg630 Congress St., Elgin, IL
Sgt Jack Warshafsky, U. S. M. C.Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Warshafsky1655 S. Karlov Ave., Chicago, IL
Pfc Joseph Dominic Zarlenga, U. S. M. C.Father, Mrs. Dominic A. Zarlenga917 S. Oakley Blvd., Chicago, IL

Navy Dead: Previously reported missing

NameNext of KinAddress of Record
Pfc David Allen Brinker, U. S. M. C. R.Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Brinker2019 W. 68th Pl., Chicago, IL
S/1c Frank Charles Schroeder, U. S. N. R.Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fred Schroeder4250 N. Lamon Ave., Chicago, IL
radarman 3c William Anthony Carbone, U. S. N. R.Parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Joseph Carbone4426 N. Mango Ave., Chicago, IL



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