Choctaw Nation Pensioners, 1883.

The following is a list of pensioners in the Choctaw Nation on the pension roll on 1 January 1883. Included are the pension certificate number, post office address of pensioner, cause for which pensioned, the rate of the pension per month and the date the pension was originally allowed. The original list was ordered by post office address but we have arranged it by name for ease of searching.

Certificate   NamePost OfficeCauseRateDate allowed
32465     Wm Calvert Savannah wd. r. hand, thighs 18.00  
85418     John A. GatesGood Land g.s.w. Hand 6.00 September 1867
178186     Daniel GrantStringtown g.s.w. Leg, ulcer 8.00 October 1880
17848     Jeremiah V. GreenMcAlister Varc. Veins &c. 4.00 October 1863
97943     Jesse N. MapesMcAlister wd. chest 5.00 May 1869
156189     Louisa McKinneyOak Lodge Widow 8.00 February 1872
200848     William MilicanSouth Canadian Inj. Leg 4.00 January 1882
160544     Robert R. ScottMcAlister w. hip, elbow 4.00 June 1879
179422     Horatio VeachCaddo g.s.w. Head 6.00 December 1880




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