22nd Regiment National Guard New York Sharpshooters and Marksmen
7 August 1897

The following soldiers of the Twenty-second Regiment National Guard New York (N.G.N.Y.) qualified as sharpshooters and marksmen at the Creedmoor range on 7 August 1897.


Cpl J. J. Slator, Co G
Pvt F. Dreschler, Co E
Cpl F. C. Puffer, Co E
Lt S. M. Phillips, Co H


Sgt O. Gemunder, Co D
Sgt H. L. Conklin, Co A
Cpl J. W. Hollins, Co E
Cpl F. Puffer, Co E
Pvt A. J. Bendit, Co E
Pvt F. R. Miller, Co C
Pvt A. Ansburg, Co A
Pvt E. T. Honlan, Co H
Pvt F. Munken, Co K
Cpl J. A. Hoffman, Co C
Sgt C. W. Mase, Co C
Pvt G. H. Greene, Co C
Pvt F. F. Brink, Co A
Pvt L. Phillips Co F
Pvt E. O. Hopkins, Co F
Pvt G. T. Raab, Co A
Pvt G. B. Stuart, Co A
Pvt H. D. Thurston, Co A
Pvt F. Warburton, Co D
Pvt J. Green, Co F
Pvt J. R. Bellis, Co A
Pvt C. H. Connor, Co A
1st Sgt J. McAllister, Co D
Pvt J. T. Sweeny, Co A



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