New York City Quakers

A list of the names of the Quakers enrolled in the office of Town Clerk, of and in the City of New York, pursuant to an Act of Assembly, entitled an Act, for Regulating the Militia of the Colony of New York, made and published the 19th day of February last.

Thomas Dobson, merchant
Samuel Brown, merchant
Henry Haydock, merchant
James Burling, distiller
John Laurence, boalter
Caleb Laurence, merchant
William Palmer, joiner
Hugh Ryder, shopkeeper
Walter Franklimg, shopkeeper
Isaac Martin, tallow chandler
Thomas Frankling, merchant
John Frankling, shopkeeper
Thomas Frankling Jr., hatter
William Field, shopkeeper
John Burling, merchant
John Burling Jr., miller
Robert Murray, shopkeeper

to the 19th of May 1755

A list of the names of such Moravians who have enrolled their names pursuant to the directions of an act to continue an act entitled an Act for Regulating the Militia of the Colony of New York with some additions thereto published the 1st of April 1756.

5 May 1756
James Arden, joiner
Christian Trocklick, sugar baker

6 May 1756
William Nixon, cooper
Daniel Miller, potter
Henry Van Vlack, merchant
Garrase Roebuck, corck cutter
John Kingston, blacksmith
William Pearson, butcher
John Runcy, tobacconist

Names of Quakers who have have enrolled their names.

10 May 1756
Nath'll Pearsall, storekeeper
Thomas Pearsall, storekeeper
Samuel Franklin, storekeeper

Similar Enrolments were recorded for:

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Queens County Quakers.

Suffolk County Quakers.

O'Callaghan, E. B., The Documentary History of the State of New York, Vol. 3, (Albany: Weed, Parsons & Co., Public Printers, 1850) pp. 622-624.

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