Free Genealogical Records for Virginia


Land Grants

Virginia Land Patents, 1703


Military Records

Militia Officers in Virginia, 1699


Ships Passenger Lists and Immigration

Transported Convicts, 1617-1669

Walloons and French to Virginia, 1621

Convicts to Virginia, 1633-1638

Transported Quakers, 1664-1666

French Refugees in Virginia, 1700


Loyal Addresses to the King

Governor and Council. 12 March 1701/2

James City County. 27 March 1702.

Lancaster County. 5 March 1701/2.

Northumberland County. 19 March 1701/2.

King and Queen County. 1702

Surrey County. 1702

Elizabeth City County. 1702

Nansemond County. 1702

Isle of Wight County. 10 March 1701/2.

Middlesex County. 1702

Warwick County. 1702

New Kent County. 7 March 1701/2.

Gloucester County. 16 March 1701/2.

York County. 1702

Charles City County. 1702

Henrico County. 1702



Virginia Sheriffs, 1699 to 1702

Giles County, Virginia

Miscellaneous claims for furnishing supplies to the US Army during the Civil War



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